Mehek Mitti Ki

Mehek Mitti Ki

Upasana Society NGO has come up with a new campaign called “Mehek Mitti Ki” to bridge the gap between urban and rural India. The campaign focuses on a travel experience for the urban population in the stress-free and pollution free environment of rural India. It also focuses on providing empowerment to the rural population thus being a win-win for both.

We will also focus on cultural exchange between both urban and rural population and also help old culture to be experienced, preserved and promoted so that more are aware of the same.

After Travelling and Trekking in the Outskirts of Urban Cities, We have so much diversity around our Cities all we need is to explore So We thought of giving people the real experience of Rural village lifestyle.

Getting the real feel of rural life

You haven’t explored real India if you haven’t been to villages. Apart from going to exotic locations, feeling thrills of an adventure, and enjoying the wonders of nature, this is the least explored dimension of traveling. Come and be a complete traveler by checking off one more box from your bucket list!

Mehek mitti ki trekraw
Children I meet on my way. 

Getting out of the comfort zone to experience raw things.

You think you’ve traveled raw? Have you been to a place without electricity, let alone without the mobile network? Where the only things that will give you comfort are crops and animals in the farm, sun, moon, wind, stars, clouds, and the purest-hearted people. Come and detach yourself from all the distraction to experience the rawness of life!

introducing selfie feature to an old lady mehek mitti ki trekraw

Exploring the outskirts of your own city.

You think you know your city outskirts? Think again! The Diversity changes in Food, Clothes, Mode of Transport, Language, House Structures, Standard Of Living. Come and know your city outskirts better than you do now!

mehek mitti ki explorer trekraw

So be prepared for a never had before experience, to switch off your phones, to savour the most authentic delicacies, to meet the people essential to our life, to feel the humility, to travel raw!

Dipti K is partnering with Trekraw who is the travel partner who will help promote the concept of travel to villages of India, experience different culture, camping in a pollution free place and also help empower villagers.

The Whole Idea Of this Campaign Is:

Getting You Closer To The Roots.

We will be having our first visit to villages of India on weekends so that maximum can avail this opportunity without taking a leave from office/School/college.

Some of the components of Mehek Mitti Ki Campaign will be:

  • Village visit
  • Cultural exchange
  • Local food
  • Local transport
  • Staying with Locals
  • empowering villagers